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Hi There, Friend!

Going to a new stylist is kinda like going on a blind date...and we totally get it. We understand that while you may be excited to get into our chair and one step closer to the hair of your dreams, you are also crossing your fingers that we aren't weirdos.

                             We are super weird, however we also want you to feel so confident in trusting us with your #hairgoals that at the end of your appointment, you know you've found your people!

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Who is Wid Poppy

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Lets keep things simple...

Choose a Package

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Request Appointment

Step 3

Digital Consultation

Choose a package

Step 1

Don't know what to book? Worried you're going to miss adding something to your appointment?


Our new client appointments are all broken down into sessions to streamline your online booking experience. For your first visit, we want to make sure we cover all of our bases, deliver stunning results, and exceed your expectations.

Session-based pricing is an all inclusive appointment that gives us ample time to do what we do best without having the cost change mid-appointment. We will do an in-depth consultation and come up with a plan on how we're going to get you to your hair goal, along with setting you up with maintenance plan. 

Below is a brief description of our sessions and what is included.

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Flowers in Hair

Session 1

New Client Chat and Treat

This is for:

  • Getting an up close and personal look at your locks

  • Going over your hair hopes and dreams to come up with a personalized road map to get there

  • A treatment to pamper you and your hair

Investment: $60/1 Hour​

Young Confident Woman

Session 2

New Client Haircut

This is for:

  • In-depth Consult and analysis 

  • Customized cut

  • A coaching session for styling your new look

  • Custom maintenance plan and product recommendation

Investment: $90/1.5 Hours​

Happy Hiking

Session 3

The Sweet N' Simple

This is for ONE of following:

  • Cover those greys

  • Shine up and reinvigorate your existing color

  • Get a few of those face framing highlights

  • Remove some unwanted colors from a previous lightening or color service

Investment: $180/2.5 Hour​s

Woman with Sunglasses

Session 4

The Most Popular

This is for ONE of the following:

  • A little bit lighter with highlights

  • Covering your grays with a refresh color on your ends

  • Turn down the "lights" on your previous blonde with lowlights

  • Darken your hair all over  (up to 3 levels darker)

Investment: $210/3 Hour​s

Confident Portrait

Session 5

The Full Shebang

This is for ONE of the following:

  • If you're wanting to go a lot lighter with highlights

  • All over color with highlights or dimension.

  • If you want to do color session 4 but you have extra long/thick hair.

Investment: $240 / 3.5 Hour​s

Wind in her Hair

Session 6

Major Change

If you need your color fixed or looking to do something completely different and you’re not quite sure what needs to be done, this service is probably for you. Click Here so we can help guide you. 

Investment: $90 Per Hour​

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Step 2

Request Appointment

Click the button below and book your session under New Client Sessions category.

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Step 3

Digital Consultation

You're almost there!

We respect your time and want to make sure we have someone on our team to fit your needs. This form is  essential and cannot be skipped!


Once you request your appointment online, fill out the Digital Consultation form below. You'll be able to attach photos of yourself and your inspiration pictures. This form is an important tool to help your stylist understand your hair's history, its current condition and what you want to achieve.

 Once we're sure we are on the same page, your appointment request will be accepted!

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Have questions
need help choosing the right package?

No problem! Click below to email our team and we will respond within 24 hours Tuesday - Friday.

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